Descanso Gardens: Center Circle Garden


The garden makeover for Spring 2015: a redesign of the Center Circle garden, exhibiting a beautiful low-water landscape. This garden is full of ideas and inspiration for visitors to rework their own gardens to reduce water use. As an accompaniment to the unveiling, Descanso outlines all the steps you can take to reducing water use in your own garden: A New Look for LA, and both a printed and online pdf field guide to the plants they’re using in their own Center Circle.


I’ve worked with Heather on several projects for Descanso Gardens. There are many talented designers out there, but Heather’s services are next-level. Not only is she a talented creative professional, but she is able to see the big picture, and has helped us to focus our overall marketing strategy over the past six months. When we hire Heather, we know we are getting much more than a good-looking piece of collateral — we are getting her thoughtfulness and years of experience in brand messaging. Heather is professional and a pleasure to work with every step of the way, from her detailed written proposal to delivery of the final piece. Thanks, Heather!
—Somer Sherwood-White, Development Coordinator, Descanso Gardens