mixing: this is what it looks like

mixing in january 09

i decided to kick off this year with a marketing plan that includes a lot more networking than i have ever done before. blankspaces has been doing a monthly freelancer friday, as well as host a number of meetup.com events. i’d been poking around the biznik.com community, but not much was happening until colleen wainwright took matters into her own hands [the place where the magic happens, people] and organized a happy hour. it seems like everyone suddenly fell down the same rabbit hole [and landed in a mixer–behold!]. i have had absolutely no shortage of excuses to buy a drink here & there, introduce myself and meet some really interesting people. people who organize and coach and make chocolate and design buildings and blog about LA and, yes, do graphic design. i like it more than i expected to. join up, come out & say HI!

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