fallen fruit’s fruit tree giveaway at machine project

spot for planting public fruit tree baby necta zee tree accessible from sidewalk
[before & after]

from the machine project site:
Fallen Fruit has been given about 90 trees from Treepeople’s Fruit Tree Giveaway program. These are nursery-sized trees which are intended for underserved communities. We’re giving them to you to plant in or over public space, or on the boundary of private property so the tree will be shared by others in your community.

jason, my mom and i participated, signing certificates of commitment to care for our trees. i got a miniature necta zee nectarine tree, which has a great new home in a south-facing, sidewalk-adjacent patch on our property, which is a neighborhood access point for elysian park. the spot hasn’t ever been formally planted, so i did have to remove some of the indigenous interlopers and cut back some of the jade plant, but i was excited to get to use some of my compost to loam up the sandy soil. i’ll also be putting in some wild marigolds and nasturtiums to attract bees for pollination.

my mom got a plum tree, which she planted at the perimeter of her yard for passers-by, and jason got a gala apple tree, which we put in an undisclosed-as-yet location in elysian park. hopefully it will grow to be a nice hiking stop for those who find it [when it grows maturity it will be visible from a nearby walking path].

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