people who are doing the same thing every day

it seems like i’m meeting a lot of people who have committed to projects involving production on daily results. i figured i’d commend them now that i found three who are each doing pretty interesting things every single day.

jonathan mann [above] has committed to write one song every day, perform it in video and post to his site chronicling every song for 2009. jason met him at sigint 2009 and he came back to LA for a visit before going home to the bay area. in his time here, we got to see and participate in the process of daily songwriting, as well as host him at betalevel for a talk about the process of daily creative work and the pitfalls of perfectionism.

i’ve never met evan kleiman personally, but i am a big fan of her approach to food, showcased in her traditional italian, farm-fresh restaurant, angeli caffe, on kcrw as she hosts good food, her position as the slow food LA chapter presidency, and her cookbooks [many co-authored by another favorite, viana la place]. this summer she is baking a different pie every day and posting the recipes online. i like to follow along with her facebook fan page, but you can try any of the recipies [and many more] on the good food kcrw blog

i found the joshua langlais’ i heart strangers project through one of my friends he photographed who linked it from her own blog. he goes out to find someone every day, shoots their portrait and writes a little about meeting them. pretty interesting when you think of how many times he has to approach people with his story and a request for a photo shoot.

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