biznik articles for this week

The tone of your voice. (when you are talking) by Loren Weisman

this is a good article for anyone running their own business who is meeting people regularly. i am usually very comfortable talking to people, but i always have that moment of nerves before it’s my turn to introduce myself at an event or make contact with someone for the first time. weisman approaches the ins & outs of communication and how we relate to voice very clearly with good reminders of how you sound to others.

12 Steps To Your Personal Success by Joanne Victoria

here’s a bonus feel-good friday article about approaching life in the moment for more personal happiness, balance and success. it’s the simple things we already know that we often forget which allow us to get caught up in other things. take a minute to read through these and note when you’ve done some of them even this week [i’ll admit, i saw myself in a few].

have a great weekend!

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