the communicatrix and her 99.99% non-sucky newsletter

this friday’s article / shout-out / spotlight goes to my friend & sometimes-partner-in-networking, colleen wainwright, the communicatrix. i decided to write about her today, because her newsletter service my emma made her newsletter, focuses, the first in a series of customer success stories: meet the communicatrix. and here’s how good her self-described “99.99% non-sucky” newsletter is: i went to load it so i could link to it, and i ended up reading it. again! not only is it a good read, but the my emma people wrote about her because she’s a shining example of someone who’s using her newsletter to build loyalty by providing great content.

it’s hard to describe everything colleen does without crossing over into run-on sentence territory. she’s a writer and a great collector of all kinds of awesome information which she shares through associative stories, allowing readers to pick what they most closely relate to. she uses this great filtering ability in her services as a marketing consultant, where she takes all your life goals, plans, business to-do lists & unfinished ideas, and organizes a workable marketing plan you can implement yourself. colleen is also a really engaging speaker, spinning all these awesome tidbits she’s picked up along the way into stories and examples of how to get moving on promoting yourself and your business in a way that is uniquely “you.” i’ve seen her speak twice, and beyond the advice she shared about how to extend your reach, she pointed the audience to people who were great examples of living their dreams with a very motivating and empowering attitude. so there’s another thing, she’s a connector, too!

so what i’m saying here is, check out the newsletter archives or <a href="take a spin through the stories or projects sections, and enjoy the read!

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