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tv on the ipad
there was a time when we thought set-top boxes the likes of tivo would be integrating information with programming. it seems, though, that people got happy enough with dvrs just recording things that this never really happened, but it’s interesting to see how things are taking shape with the ipad: how ipad could transform the tv watching experience, from


[image: flickr member avlxyz]
if you’re looking for some summer funtimes, i have a couple seasonal eats and cool treats to share, first of which are tips on making gelato: best homemade gelato: 3 tips from mario batali, from the if you’re looking for spicy twists on fruit pops, how about tamarind chile flavor: tamarind chile ice pops, from saveur [this is more sugar than i usually ever put in a recipe, but i’m posting it anyway]. if you’re into canning and preserving, it’s time to put up your tomatoes: preserved tomatoes with basil, from

we have super-local honey in silver lake: the feral bees of silver lake is not a band, from the la times tells the story of a bee-keeping couple who adopted local bees and gave them a home.

cows eat grass
[image: utne reader]
on the “about food” side of things, controversy brews when you talk about a bovine grass diet in corn country: cows eat grass and other inflammatory statements, from utne reader.

another from utne, michael pollan contributes to their feature, food fight, where he continues his dialog about food systems in america.


i once had to deal with a wasp infiltration [they hadn’t infested yet, but they were working on it], and wish i’d known of this simple do-it-yourself contraption: how to make a homemade bee trap, from


i really enjoyed anne taylor fleming’s piece foot soldier, for los angeles magazine, dealing with the changes of aging relatives and the therapy of walking.

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