2 weeks to spread the love for dayna!

all your amazing help has sold HALF the valentines with TWO WEEKS to go!

in case you haven’t heard, i’m selling my arsenal of valentines to spread the love for dayna stephens. we set out with a goal to sell 150 packs of valentines in 5 weeks, and so many of you advance-planner, get-aheaders bought them an astounding month in advance! now it’s time to help our sometimes-procrastinatey friends jump off the fence and into action, because the real fun begins when i double your money after we sell out! remind everyone you know that it’s FESTIVE to hand out cute cards with nice compliments, it’s FUN to pretend your a kid again, and it’s AWESOME to help a good friend in the process.

here’s where we’re at:

we have 75 packs of valentines to sell!
we have 14 days until february 10 to sell them!
that’s a mere 5 packs per day at 5 bucks each! we can do it!
keep spreading the word, link to this post or to the parlato design studio store!
use those sociable icons below to share it to your favorite social networks!
fight the healthcare system with love—do it for dayna!

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