happy monday

kitty kazoo & motor, march 2012
kitty kazoo & motor, march 2012

well well well, it looks like i took an unintended blog hiatus, likely due to adding too many life events to my actual life. i miss it though, so i’m back in full force. in fact, i’ve even gotten more organized than ever with the editorial calendar plugin, which is a wordpress blogger’s dream–i have no idea how i lived without it.

so, these two little ladies in the photo above went to their annual vet visit. though they’re not related, they’re both elder-cats and showing very similar health profiles. after losing 1 cat to kidney disease in december, i put my lifelong quest to find a vet i LOVE back on first priority, and found dr. michelle fuller through a friend. she sounded like the kind of vet i would like, so i scheduled a visit and was blown away. amazing bedside manner, extensive knowledge of cat nutrition and health [way beyond the disappointingly typical “we were educated by pet food companies” i have found elsewhere]. she’s supportive of my raw food diet, she’s into herbal supplements and alternative medicines, and she turned me on to a vet-developed herbal remedy for hyperthyroidism resthyro which is has great results without the side effects of drugs. so highly recommended for those of you who might be of the same mindset in the LA area.

so, onward. back to work, back to writing, back to awesome.

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