recent work: beer & food


From the owners of Golden Road, Mohawk Bend and Tony’s Darts Away, comes expert hospitality team, Beer & Food Management, providing California-fresh artisanal catering and craft beer services for special events. In keeping with the local, hands-on theme, we’re using Neenah Environment 100% PCW recycled paper, and recalling the beautiful wood finishes found in your favorite public houses.

See more for the Mohawk Bend family of pubs here.

recent work: small farm fresh

I recently started working with a project I deeply believe in! Small Farm Fresh is the startup of a good friend, who created a site where local farmers could sign on to list all their seasonal produce, and chefs from local restaurants could shop for ingredients they need and have it delivered quickly through any of the local daily farmer’s markets. When i say local, this is currently an LA-area project, and for now it’s in beta. Similarly, for the moment, the identity is just a logo, but it’s taking off quickly and we’re planning to grow the brand as the business expands. There are a lot of great plans in the works, i’m so proud to be a part of it!

See more of our work here.

creative inspiration

two stories about classic designers that came through the news this week caught my eye. one, the story of the NEXT logo by paul rand for steve jobs, including 2 interviews about the design, and a replication of what must be the most narrative logo presentation i’ve ever seen.

personal preferences, prejudices, and stereotypes often dictate what a logo looks like, but it is needs not wants, ideas, not type styles which determine what its form should be. to defamiliarize it, to make it look different, to let it evoke more than the mere adjective or adverb it happens to be is, it seems, the nub of the problem. —paul rand

read and view the full piece here: paul rand + steve jobs.

the other is a heartening tale of hiring one of the mad men-era illustrators to help capture the illustrative style of the time for the new season promotion posters. i love the show already, but thought it was a great pairing.

…they just looked up the person who had done all these drawings that I really loved, and they said: “Hey, we’ve got the guy who did them. And he’s still working. His name is Brian Sanders.” —matthew weiner

read the full story here: brian sanders creates made men poster for new season.

creative inspiration

sustainable food branding

i’m excited to see so many great examples of sustainable food storytelling for the preponderance of naturally-raised and hand-crafted foods available today. see the whole brand package here.

some other examples i’ve really enjoyed:
cat lady preserved food packaging
ruston farmer’s market identity & collateral
the sugar deli identity & product packaging
fix food identity and site design.

creative inspiration


this week, we’re looking at jazz-themed design. doesn’t this menu for mexican nightclub, jazzatlán look like it’s straight out of great 60s album cover design? so swanky! see the spread at art of the menu.

blue note legend
blue note legend

this is a beautiful piece for a proposed specialty sub-label of blue note: blue note legend, a modern twist on traditional blue note style. see the whole identity system here, i love how the letters break up, like notes in the air.

the jazz scene
the jazz scene

one of many great typographic covers from penguin books by alan fletcher. i love the big, bold, overprint type. thanks to book worship for this find!

creative inspiration

fat cow branding
fat cow branding, image:

taking a look at the theme of connectivity i’ve collected lately, this bespoke, beef-focused restaurant uses a nice, straightforward ligature laser cut into wood. see the profile on

mohawk logo
mohawk logo, image:

mohawk paper recently rebranded, using references to print rollers and ink colors in their new branding. they have rolled out a lovely new brand, and they write all about it on their blog.

tu logo
tu logo, image:

after seeing the mohawk rebrand, this logo caught my attention, an umbrella brand under spanish-based telefonica digital, using connectivity to illustrate conversation. see the full brand profile at

marketwire rebrand
marketwire rebrand, image:

another interesting piece for the connectivity files, the marketwire rebrand is simple while being elegant and effective at communicating integration. in their case, content and communication. see more at

friday fun

twitter’s got a brand new bird, created from overlapping circles. they talk about rolling it out here. i think it looks cute and friendly, right in line with their brand.

creative inspiration

bass pro
bass pro, image:

looking at outdoorsy design today, i’m loving all the natural, full-frame surfaces of this branding for bass pro. the complete set on fred carriedo‘s site.

national park stamps
national park stamps, image:

this beautiful set of national park stamps were commissioned by national geographic for their interactive guide to the national parks. thanks to for profiling the set.

native resorts
native resorts, image:

awesome work for this denver resort that specializes in outdoorsy experiences in the neighboring national parks. great poster series to compliment the branding. see the whole set on brian rau‘s site.