the art of the letter

the art of the letter doyald young
[the art of the letter, doyald young]

it’s been nearly a month since doyald young passed away. i’ve found myself thinking about him, about the amazing work he did, and what a nice guy he was. earlier this month, mohawk paper offered to ship a book they did with him awhile back, the art of the letter, for free, so for the cost of shipping i didn’t hesitate. you may still be able to order one following the link in this post.

hotel east 21 tokyo logo
[hotel east 21 logo study]

i met doyald at my first design job, working in a service bureau on the studio city / hollywood border. i hadn’t started there with a design career in mind, but after a few years of seeing so much work from all over LA, i was compelled to make it my own. doyald was a regular customer, but i had no real concept of his legacy. he was just this really nice guy who always seemed to be tweaking the prudential stationery, ordering one sheet of paper or film with each visit, which seemed like a relatively small project compared to the 4-color ads and full book layouts that came through the shop. i remember thinking it was cool that he was still working past retirement age.

as i learned more and moved up, i landed a design position at a company with an employee education budget, so i joined AIGA and started going to events and conferences. at one of the early Y-design conferences with the san diego chapter, doyald gave a presentation of his hand-drawn logotypes and letterforms, and it utterly blew my mind. all those years i had known him as a nice, grandfatherly gentleman, but had no idea i was talking to one of the most amazing talents in graphic design. i bought all his books from the shop and asked him to sign them. i remember gushing somewhat apologetically that i hadn’t realized who he was. but this was bound to happen, after all, he was a modest guy and i was 19 & not formally educated in design just yet.

imagine the possibilities

diy projects for dog lovers: the dog-friendly home

DIY projects for dog lovers

a fun project from quayside publishing, perfect for the active DIY dog owner, diy projects for dog lovers: the dog-friendly home by ruth strother, shows you how to make all kinds of dog houses, dog beds, agility structures and accessories for your beloved canine friend. i’ve been working in a dog-friendly office a few days per week, and all my designer, dog-loving co-workers have been asking about it. this book is super-cute and has something for anyone with a dog.

creative inspiration


one of a few commercials in the effort to rebrand baby carrots.

while carrots try to appeal to kids by looking more unhealthy, high fructose corn syrup attempts to win its way back onto the table with a simplified name change and ad campaign: the sticky, tricky rebranding of corn syrup as corn sugar, from good.

found objects

B&B diaries
[image: brian mcmullen, imprint]
i knew i wasn’t the only one who reads B&B diaries and museum exhibit & nature center guest books! loving this post i love bed and breakfast diaries, from imprint

design industry

is there even a category for this curiosity? a drawing machine that parses the language of stories into a string of words, cross references them with the archive of patent illustrations as provided by the US patent & trademark office, and draws them into a string of visual narrative. you might call it a perpetual storytelling apparatus: drawing machine tells the story of innovation via patent drawings, from good

another point against the print is dead battle cry: a new design publication anthology magazine.

what’s a dream come true for a designer who loves wine & wine packaging? this new blog from the dieline: the dieline wine, a blog dedicated to wine packaging design. thanks how design for the link.

beyond design

spaghetti carbonara

spaghetti carbonara is the perfect comfort food for any season. if you want to learn to make it “the right way,” look no further than my favorite italian food resource spaghetti carbonara, from la cucina italiana.

delicious, simple, healthy, and another seasonally-independent dish white bean salad (salatet fassoulia), from saveur.

i’m a fan of rick bayless’ recipes, so i was happy to see this nice round up: authentic mexican: five recipes from rick bayless, from thekitchn, all of which are seasonal for the summer-fall changeover.

looking for some natural, preventative allergy treatments? design sponge has these answers for you: small measures: diy seasonal allergy treatments.

a humorous look at language: when is it okay to use the F word, from penelope trunk, another person who often-says but seldom-writes this glorious expletive.

creative inspiration


landfit logo
this logo for a gardening matchmaking service is really appealing to those of us who love gardening. and i love the concept, a service that pairs people who want to garden but have no land with those who have land & want a garden, but don’t want to do it. brilliant!


ferocious quarterly
[image: ferocious quarterly]
announcements of a new publication, ferocious quarterly, have been posted in a few design communities. from their site: Ferocious is a curated, quarterly publication that collects illustrators, graphic artists, short fiction authors and written text. indeed! thanks how magazine for the link.

parse is a new blog project from how magazine, aiming to make sense of issues and information relevant to design practitioners. check it out!

this just in from the design review of books, a review of jost hochuli, detail in typography.

design industry

take a spin through the annals of design history: graphic design through the decades series: the 70s, from

if you’re a creative professional in need of some marketing mentoring, ilise benun’s marketing groups are about to kick off for fall. join the track that’s right for you and get one-on-one help from a creative industry marketing pro: marketing mentor’s advanced marketing groups.

another great installment from design*sponge: biz ladies: using a blog to grow your business.


some interesting looks at labor day, what it’s not currently, and what it could be. labor day is almost meaningless now. we can change that, by steve mccallion for With an increasing belief that socioeconomic mobility is now less possible in the US than in other countries, Labor Day has the potential to reclaim some of its initial promise — a celebration of American labor and an inspiration to the American worker.

another look includes what ever happened to labor, by seth godin: In a world where labor does exactly what it’s told to do, it will be devalued. Obedience is easily replaced, and thus one worker is as good as another. And devalued labor will be replaced by machines or cheaper alternatives. We say we want insightful and brilliant teachers, but then we insist they do their labor precisely according to a manual invented by a committee…

beyond design

pure awesome

operation nice: nice notes
so there’s this really nice girl, melissa, and she’s celebrating the 2-year anniversary of her blog operation nice by encouraging people to be super nice by writing these nice notes to leave for friends, co-workers, family, strangers—anyone really, so long as you write something nice on them! you download the pdf, print it, write your nice note & leave it for someone to find. to top it off, if you do it today, july 15, and send in a photo, she’ll donate $3 per note to the hunger project. that’s nice!

sustainable solutions

goats clearing angel's flight, downtown los angeles
i never get tired of hearing about these goats helping clear hillsides in downtown los angeles. has this story and a few more good bits on LA here: checklist: new green sights in los angeles.


we have a new quarterly literary arts publication in echo park with a southern california focus: slake. their site has a list of resellers if you’re curious to pick up a copy.


chicken skewers
it’s grilling season, so if you eat chicken, grab some arugula & cucumber from your local farmers market and enjoy the outdoors: chicken skewers with chopped cucumber, arugula and olives.

cucumber noodles
[image: romulo yanes / gourmet]
i’ve tried the zucchini noodles both cooked and raw, but i have to admit, i wrote off cucumber for the same use, figuring it couldn’t stand up to a thin slice. however, thanks to faith durand at for cucumber noodles, it looks like they do fine after a julienne cut and a quick blanching. sounds like they’d be great hot or cold! another fun thing to try this summer!


i haven’t put anything up on wine in awhile, but i just came across this great list of 90 point wines for under $15. go to town! her list starts at 85 points, but it’s a great collection of wine ratings, especially if you’re tasting something new.


so, i tried this once before and somehow gave up after awhile, but i decided to give it a try again: the no shampoo alternative, wherein you wash your hair with baking soda, and rinse with a mix of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. i think i’ve found the balance my hair likes after about a week [i tend to need more baking soda, less vinegar]. i’m really happy with the results too, my hair stays cleaner longer, and holds a curl without any product as well. there are so many benefits to doing this, but i can’t decide which one i like best among what i’m eliminating: chemicals from my skin, pollutants from the water supply, packaging from the recycling system & financial dependence on a convenience product i can make myself. i forgot my camera today, but i’ll post some pics soon.

ford mustang

ford mustang from motorbooks international

from the motorbooks division of quayside publishing comes ford mustang by brad bowling, a retrospective on every release of the mustang line since its debut in 1964. this book is full of beautiful photography celebrating car design, and for someone like me, who only has superficial knowledge of the history of the mustang, it’s allowed me to pick out many iterations of the car on the road now.

black & decker: the complete guide to bathrooms

black & decker: the complete guide to bathrooms

a new release from quayside publishing, black & decker: the complete guide to bathrooms shows the home improvement enthusiast all kind of great bathroom projects with complete step-by-step instructions.

how to repair your motorcycle by mark zimmerman

how to repair your motorcycle

coming soon from motorbooks is an all-new how to repair your motorcycle by mark zimmerman, with photos by jeff hackett. this how-to guide covers the gamut, from shopping for a vintage bike, breaking it down, replacing & restoring parts, assembly and care for your newly-restored bike. a great handbook for motorcycle enthusiasts who love to get their hands dirty.

the complete guide to masonry & stonework

the complete guide to masonry & stonework

new from creative publishing international is the complete guide to masonry & stonework, featuring a huge selection of home improvement projects for homeowners. learn the basics of pouring concrete, laying stone or setting pavers, choose the best projects from your home, and then follow clearly illustrated how-to instructions to get the job done.