creative inspiration: beer design

3 selections

this week, i’ve collected 3 examples of awesome illustration styles in beer design. the first one, above is for wahoo brewing in texas. their blog is a nice tribute to craft beer.


these labels for aspen brewing company in colorado are a fun tribute to vintage national park posters. the highlights of their collateral is featured here.


finally, the illustration-forward packaging for R&B brewing in vancouver has been making the rounds, each brew with a themed container full of hand-drawn type. these pieces are new and not entirely integrated on their site as of this posting, but see the collection here.

thanks to for these great design profiles!

friday fun: sign painters

SIGN PAINTERS (OFFICIAL TRAILER) from samuel j macon on Vimeo.

i guess i’ve got drawing and hand-lettering on the brain this week. above is the trailer for sign painters, a documentary, and also a book, by faythe levine and sam macon. the original post on is so full of good links, i’ll just send you there. enjoy!

draw your own fonts


i think this is the next design book i need. looking at all the beautiful hand-lettering going on these days, i got to the point of searching out local classes i could take. it sounds like draw your own fonts is a great place for a non-drawer like me to start. read the whole review here.

support hamilton wood type museum

more efforts to help hamilton wood type museum relocate to their new digs are afoot—this time from neenah paper, asking designers and printers alike to submit their favorite samples and share their love of letterpress with the world.

moreover, neenah is offering a kickstarter-style fundraising effort of their own: you donate to them for beautifully affordable letterpress rewards, and they match your donation to hamilton! donate here!

friday fun

Husbands – “Dream” from Cauboyz on Vimeo.

this is a great type-only video, and i love the reveal at the end that it’s not just some digital animation. very cute.

creative inspiration

i found some really nice, affordable typefaces in my research this week, and thought i’d share my favorites.


this typeface is certainly named accurately, a rounded & voluptuous take on a classic serif that remains highly readable. buy it here.


as the name would suggest, this is more of a renaissance serif, full of details and flourish. the letterforms manage to remain spacious at smaller sizes and thinner weights. check it out in more detail here.


this is a free font in 2 styles of caps: one with more angular crossbars and slants, the other a bit more straightened out. with all the vintage goodness popular in design today, this typeface could certainly add nice detail. download it here.

st. agnes

i like this, because i can’t quite do it. and because most handwritten fonts mimic a more conventional, casual hand, while this one is more illustrative and cursive. available here.

friday fun

Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles from Brent Barson on Vimeo.

all kinds of 3-dimensional materials and ideas for using type. beautiful!

creative inspiration

foodie type

the foodie alphabet by vidhya nagarajan
the foodie alphabet by vidhya nagarajan, image:

taking hand lettering a step further into full illustration, this foodie alphabet by vidhya nagarajan is both beautiful to look at and a great reminder of some ingredients you might not be using every day. see the whole alphabet at

heavy metal

heavy metal
heavy metal by tom davie, image:

one for the things made of stuff files, this latest release from tom davie is part of a typographic poster series available at

letterpress daily

here there be monsters
here there be monsters, image:

i recently found a blog worth sharing for typophiles everywhere: the letterpress daily, where you can not only find great examples of letterpress and wood type prints, but all kinds of specimens of the blocks themselves next to the prints they make. amazing archive!

creative inspiration

hub thank you cards
hub thank you cards, image:

looking at hand-illustrated design today, these thank you cards by hub design are all brightly-colored patterns with hand-lettered type. they’re also letter-pressed, which makes them extra special. see the whole set on

coffee supreme
coffee supreme, image:

a rebrand of new zealand’s coffee supreme gave them 16 unique take-out cups in hand-illustrated style. this is the white set, but there are black and orange sets as well, all of them are super cool. see the whole set on

evolve, image:

i’ve been watching my friend emily mcdowell move into more illustration and hand-lettering and it’s all so fun to look at. she does fantastic work, sells prints, and has even created a printed scarf. see it all at