creative inspiration

i found some really nice, affordable typefaces in my research this week, and thought i’d share my favorites.


this typeface is certainly named accurately, a rounded & voluptuous take on a classic serif that remains highly readable. buy it here.


as the name would suggest, this is more of a renaissance serif, full of details and flourish. the letterforms manage to remain spacious at smaller sizes and thinner weights. check it out in more detail here.


this is a free font in 2 styles of caps: one with more angular crossbars and slants, the other a bit more straightened out. with all the vintage goodness popular in design today, this typeface could certainly add nice detail. download it here.

st. agnes

i like this, because i can’t quite do it. and because most handwritten fonts mimic a more conventional, casual hand, while this one is more illustrative and cursive. available here.

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