sewing projects

i’ve been doing a lot of sewing lately and wanted to post a few things. not because the sewing is particularly great, but because fabric and pattern design has become so inspiring now that i’m looking at it all the time. recently i made a few sets of pillowcases, because so many fabrics remind me of the crazy sheets we had as kids in the 70s. that, and we don’t have even one complete set of sheets, everything is mismatched in our house, so i thought i’d compound that problem by adding to it. but i mean, look at these cute little geisha cats! and they’re all sleeping!

sewing pillowcases is really easy, and you get to buy fabrics that are way more crazy than you’d wear. wearing a print like this definitely makes me feel like a crazy cat lady. it’s the absolute furthest i’m willing to go in terms of wearing cat things. so all i did was make a kimono-style top out of it and solid black. that’s it! i’m making more clothes too, but i have to figure out how & where to photograph them.

i found this pattern for a kindle slipcase online and thought it was so nice with the contrasting fabric and divided pocket. turns out it’s really easy to make and requires very little fabric. i made my parents slipcases for each of their devices for the holidays, an ipad case and a nook case. my machine has a ton of embroidery stitches, so i tried out a contrasting thread and made a star pattern to close the hems. making things like this is really fun & rewarding. and with all the extra fabric from garment sewing, it’s starting to look like i’ll have to take up quilting. hmmmm!

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