LA freelancer may meetup with dyana valentine

LA freelancer meetup group dyana valentine

i just spent sunday at the LA freelance meetup group organized by colleen rice with the multi-talented dyana valentine. her workshop focused on writing and refining an elevator pitch above and beyond simply tossing off a job title or business name. and it wasn’t just a bunch of advice of what we could do [and then just as easily leave and put off], she put our feet to the fire, paired us off and had us work on them and present to the group. this gave me a chance to work with fellow echo park chamber member, beth zeigler, owner of bneato, learn more about her business, and give & receive outsider feedback on each of our pitches, which was really helpful.

valentine is an all-around fantastic person, full of energy to jumpstart [and finish] any project. she specializes in helping self-starters self-finish, one project at a time, and is always bursting with ideas, soundingboard energy and advice for her clients. her site is full of great information, including a helpful newsletter, articles, upcoming engagements, and a unique project called “hello, i’m really good at…”

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