beyond design


orange ricotta breakfast dumplings
[photo: monika kotus]
what a concept—a light, sweet, floral kind of gnocchi for breakfast: orange ricotta breakfast dumplings from these aren’t exactly on my diet, but i might have to make an exception, because they look amazing!

browned fennel
[photo: la cucina italiana]
if you’re looking for something seasonal, browned fennel is a tasty springtime dish. la cucina italiana shows you how to do it italian style: spicchi brasati al burro.


strawberry liquor infusion
this weekend i bought a flat of strawberries and made the strawberry liquor infusion i linked to previously. it will be interesting to see how it tastes when i strain it out tonight.


foraging in los angeles
[photo: willy blackmore]
i have been foraging brazillian pink pepper on my morning walks, but i’m always looking for more edible plants i can pick and try out. <a href="LA weekly’s blog has this great list: top 10 ways to forage in LA for identifying and using some of the wild edibles you can find around town.

more on cleaning without chemicals, i’ve been using baking soda and vinegar for all kinds of things lately. if you need some suggestions on how to use baking soda, this list from re-nest is great: baking soda: is there anything it can’t do?


i have been liking this design sponge biz ladies feature, which has all kinds of advice for small business owners. this week they put out a great list of required reading for any small business owner: biz ladies top 10 biz books. i’ve read a good amount of seth godin, but it’s really great to have a new list of good biz reads!

say goodbye to the cash register from inc magazine takes a look at the new transaction apps available on mobile phones, making it possible for small businesses to eliminate some of the overhead charges on taking mobile credit card transactions.

some of the changes we got with the health care bill means a lot for businesses, according to cnn money it looks like we’ll be issuing 1099s for every transaction over $600 in a calendar year [as opposed to just contract labor]. read up on the new laws: health care law’s massive hidden tax change.

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