creative retreat: monday

i’m on retreat this week and the studio is closed. however, i have lined up a selection of getaway-themed posts to enjoy while i’m gone. one is set to go up each day, so stay tuned…

since i’m out, there will be no event calendar, but i do suggest you designers in LA check out the aiga los angeles event calendar for some great things happening this week.

retreat prep 1: get in shape

i only just found the get beach ready with tracy anderson series last week on daily candy or i’d have been doing them all winter [though i’m pretty well covered by gilad’s total body sculpt on fit tv]. i tried out these exercises and they’re really great, targeting muscles i need to tone that don’t always get individual attention. plus i love that she’s demonstrating these out at the park, using things you can find anywhere, rather than specific equipment you have to buy.

get beach ready with tracy anderson [click to watch each video]:
exercise 1: love handles
exercise 2: butt
exercise 3: abs
exercise 4: bat wings
aaahh! soreness! but great ways to isolate less-used muscle groups.

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