creative retreat: thursday

i’m on retreat this week and the studio is closed. however, i have lined up a selection of getaway-themed posts to enjoy while i’m gone. one is set to go up each day, so stay tuned…

destination dining!

i’m taking my retreat in mazatlán, sinaloa in mexico, so my vacation version of a recipe round-up is a little spotlight on mexican food and mexican-inspired dishes. all of them are light, quick & easy [which is my way of saying i’m not overlooking the more authentic stuff, i just prefer to point people to things they can make at any experience level] from el restaurante mexicano, and mmm, me gusta, a little cooking show.
my friend claudia yuskoff has been building this great little cooking show mmm, me gusta which demonstrates a new recipe with every episode. i really liked this refreshing cucumber snack, pepinos con chile y limón!

here are some more fun things to make when you want a little taste of mexico!
cucumber and chayote slaw
cactus salad
papaya and black bean salsa
cactus jack quesadilla with black bean relish
southwestern gazpacho
creme of cilantro soup
smoked fish ceviche
seafood sauté with avocado mango salsa
grilled fish tacos
caramelized chipotle chicken
carne asada
mayan hot chocolate
classic flan i’m not suggesting that flan is easy, but this is the easiest version of a recipe i’ve ever found, so for those who want it, go to town!

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