creative retreat: wednesday

i’m on retreat this week and the studio is closed. however, i have lined up a selection of getaway-themed posts to enjoy while i’m gone. one is set to go up each day, so stay tuned…

if you take a retreat in a sunny place, you can’t avoid a sun-protection strategy. here’s a list of sun protection products i love to use.

body care

palmer's cocoa butter sunblock and aveeno sunblock
[images: and]
palmer’s cocoa butter formula with vitamin E spf 15
i love this lotion for day-to-day use. since i’m fair-skinned, i should be using something stronger when spending the day in the sun, but for running around town on a normal day, spf 15 is enough [if they made it any stronger, i’d be right on it]. the cocoa butter formula smells like chocolate frosting, and conditions your skin long after it washes off. a very soothing treat!

aveeno positively ageless sunblock spray with spf 50
when it’s time to get serious and cover up, aveeno has some very nice spray-on sunblocks that offer complete coverage in a waterproof formula. i used this one all last summer and avoided burning successfully.

protect your face

sun protection for the face
[images: and]
coppertone water babies sunscreen stick spf 55
if i’m spending the day at the beach or by a pool, where i may be in & out of the water a few times, i like waterproof sun protection for the face that is non-irritating. there are plenty of higher-end products for this, but i go for this baby formula sunscreen stick. sure, it’s slightly greasy, but as a person who is always dealing with oily skin, i’m pleasantly surprised that i’ve had no problems with it clogging pores or causing breakouts. pretty much every drugstore makes a generic as well.

aveeno essential moisture lip conditioner with spf 15
while i like palmer’s cocoa butter lip balm for normal non-sun days, it has no spf protection, so when i’m out in the sun, i use this lip conditioner by aveeno. it is highly conditioning with spf 15.

between sun days

mario badescu
i am a devout convert to the mario badescu line, and while i use a lot more than this selection above, these are regular go-to items in the summer season. before or after a day in the sun, i use my favorite cleanser and follow it up with the special glycolic cleansing lotion to help clear away any dead skin cells. if it’s a normal non-beach day, i’ll apply the complex moisturizer with vitamin E spf 20, which is highly conditioning and light enough to go under makeup [if it is a beach day, i’ll use the coppertone stick above]. if we’re talking après soliel, i’ll follow up with the glycolic skin renewal complex for extra conditioning and renewal, along with the hyaluronic eye cream for extra attention to the delicate skin around the eyes.

sun accessories

sun hat by liberty of london for target
there are a number of accessories you can mix and match for maximum sun protection. i picked up this sun hat by liberty of london for target, not only to protect my face from unnecessary exposure, but also because my eyes are extra-sensitive, so if i want to get some of that beach reading done, i need more shade than my transitional lenses will provide. if you’re lucky enough to have perfect vision, a pair of sunglasses in your favorite style are a fun & useful accessory to bring. i will admit, i do have a pair of prescription sunglasses that have a nice wrap design, to keep out sunlight that likes to try to creep in from different angles. if you’re not going anywhere with a built-in palapa, pick up a beach umbrella, which can cut down uv rays by an additional 15spf. i also like to bring a wrap or cover-up for when i’m just sitting and reading or walking to & from the beach or pool, not just for the sunblock they provide, but when you’re wearing the same bathing suit every day, it’s a nice way to make different outfits from the same base materials, and a nice way to feel somewhat dressed while wearing your bathing suit.

and finally, once all this malarky is done, and these products are on for each of the conditions they require and you’ve got all your accessories packed in your beach bag, you can crack open that book or magazine and relax! ha.

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