beyond design


marinated goat cheese
[image: todd coleman]
something fun to add to your spring dishes or just have on toast as a snack is this olive oil marinated goat cheese from saveur. delish!

a different angle on food writing: an unemployed restaurant critic finds a different kind of culinary satisfaction, ed murietta writes about eating on food stamps.

if you’re a food activist and have enjoyed reading michael pollan over the years, here are his favorite picks on the subject: the food movement, rising.


growing quinoa in containers
[image: kathryn wright]
when i thought about growing quinoa last year, seeing that it grows to 5ft tall made me think i didn’t have room for it. while some plants don’t transfer to containers so well, i’m glad to read that it’s possible to grow 2ft quinoa in containers: unexpected container gardening: quinoa from


tote bag by lostbirdfound
it looks like california is close to putting a ban on plastic bags and virgin paper bags, which will be a fantastic change for the environment. it will also mean getting a lot more committed to your favorite reusable bags. this lovely pomegranate print tote is available from

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