beyond design


zucchini ribbon salad
[image: emily ho]
if you’re growing zucchini this year, you’ve been enjoying the first fruits of your labor in the last few weeks. zucchini plants are huge producers, so you’ll want to stay creative with how you enjoy them. thanks to emily ho, <a href=" offers 15 recipes for zucchini, summer squash, pattypan & more!

just to drive the point home about how much of a non-food twinkies are, take a spin through dwight eschliman’s 37 or so ingredients, in which he photographs a sample of each ingredient that goes into a twinkie in its natural state. not surprisingly they are mostly powder and sugar, and not-at-all appetizing.


big parade LA
[image: alyssa walker]
i was so sorry to miss big parade LA [for the love of being out of town], but alyssa walker provides excellent coverage on 100 staircases, 35 miles, 2 days, and too many friends to count. i’m definitely going to do it next year!

things are changing in los angeles! spotlights 3 ways public opinion has shaped transportation development in checklist: how you can shape the future of los angeles!


this book of homemade beauty concoctions sounds like it’s right up my alley! book review: do it gorgeously—look good and live well on the cheap, reviewed by is all about making your own diy beauty products with natural ingredients. i may have to pick up a copy of this one!

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