creative inspiration

Oceans from Sol Linero on Vimeo [thanks to for the link].


fifa world cup logos
there are some great retrospectives on fifa world cup logos and posters online. fifa world cup logo evolution: 1934-2014, from has some great archives, as does an older post, fifa world cup logo designs, from it’s so cool to see some of the early stuff from the 30s-50s!


open type features
[image: martin plus for]
for the type designers out there, an introduction to opentype substitution features will show you how to make all those cool ligatures and custom-set type combos you might want to add to your typeface design.

if you’re in new york [or willing to travel] and want to learn typeface design, H&FJ’s sara soskolne will be teaching turning letters into type july 12-16: learning typeface design.

web design

applying interior design principles to the web from talks about how the same principles of arranging physical objects relates to the placement and use of graphic objects, with a great breakdown of each.


jazz brain: functional magnetic resonance imaging is a quick report from about brain behavior during times of innovative creativity. Limb had jazz musicians play memorized music while being monitored by an fMRI machine. He then asked them to start improvising and noticed a shift in neurological activity. Their scans showed less activity in the areas that represent self-censoring and inhibition and more in the area that indicates self-expression. Limb interpreted this shift as a possible sign of “spontaneous creativity.”

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