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4th street bike plan
if you’ve ever taken 4th street as a cross-town alternative to busier streets, you know it’s a great thoroughfare for traveling east to west by bike. there’s been an ongoing campaign to convert it to more of a bikeway, and greenlagirl has an update on the progress: turn 4th street into a bicycle boulevard: moving beyond sharrows.


zucchini season keeps going strong, here’s a great idea i’ve never tried before: sicilian sun-dried zucchini! salt it, season it and dry or roast it. what a fantastic snack!

melons of all kinds are everywhere right now too, and the idea of sweet and tangy makes me want to try this one: perfect picnic recipes: watermelon & feta salad.

if you’re starting to get an abundance of tomatoes and can’t get to all of them in time, whip up & chill some of them in this delicious gazpacho: chilled gazpacho andaluz.

while it’s not as hot as usual here in LA this summer, you can still get your ice cream on, now in some really unique flavors: carrot orange ice cream with caramelized ginger and maple syrup [links to a pdf at the bottom of the article]? or maybe avocado & jackfruit ice cream? or hey, how about this twist: roasted lemon sorbet!

diy projects

homemade toothpaste
once you’re done with all that ice cream, you might want some options for tooth brushing. i’ve been curious about this and it turns out it’s pretty easy to make. check out homemade toothpaste, from for a basic recipe and flavoring ideas.

2 thoughts on “beyond design

  1. i make my own mouthwash… peppermint oil and tea tree oil and baking soda. toothpaste i wld be scared to make tho, teeth really freak me out, i need store toothpaste full of chemicals.


  2. oh, the mouthwash sounds nice! i wasn’t so worried about chemicals in toothpaste as i was thinking of eliminating packaging. but some of the flavors they suggest in those comments sound nice!


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