creative inspiration


miller high-life brand refresh
admittedly, i don’t drink miller high life, so i’m not sure how long before i noticed their packaging redesign. luckily, we have miller high life overhaul from with copious photos and reviews. i love the cleaner look that doesn’t deviate from the original, and more prominent use of their poster-girl, lucy, which is a lovely illustration featured on the sides of the 6-packs above. nice work!


cigarette packaging
a hilarious look at what might happen if packaging could deter smoking merely by being totally annoying! can annoying cigarette packs make smokers quit? from brilliant!

design industry

design never 2010 winner
i love the concept of project never, an awards show to showcase great work that never made it to final. thanks to the how design blog for showcasing the 2010 winner, an identity system for chop shop, by ptarmak, inc.. i’m loving this typography they did.

michael beirut takes a look at advertising personalities after the season premiere of mad men for design observer jerry della femina, mad men, and the cult of advertising personality.

i thought this photography post was worth sharing: the showcase of beautiful pinhole photography from smashing magazine. i haven’t taken pinhole photos since my high school photography class!

need some help talking money with clients? don’t let “you” get in the way of price negotiations, from creative freelancer blog has some possibly-familiar suggestions you might see in your own experience on how to improve.

linkswitch 28: choose a domain name, hire a designer, from freelance switch is a pretty awesome list of all kinds of things you might want to do but just don’t know how. take a spin, maybe tackle some if they’re on your list!

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