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snap pea salad
[image: hedonia]
this lágrimas snap pea salad looks like a great way to enjoy snap peas this summer. try marinating your chicken in fruit vinegar with this, roasted marinated chicken. if you’re looking for some seasonal grilling, try grilled fish with tomato olive relish. all recipes originally sourced through

health & fitness

advice on sports bras seem to have popped up everywhere, so i thought i’d share a good resource: how to choose a sports bra, from

if you’re not aware of BPA, it’s a chemical in several commonly-handled items we interact with regularly. utne reader has an update on the dangers here: big bad bpa: now it’s killing the lobsters.

one for the mental health files, so to speak, an interesting piece from utne reader: the word’s happiest countries are the least religious.


as we head into fall, if you have a garden that’s ready to harvest, you can start planning your fall crops. last chance plants: late season veggie gardening, from can help with suggestions.


homemade lip balm
[image: Etsy Store Babynme2]
here’s a fun project and a great way to switch to reusable containers while creating your favorite flavor: how to make homemade lip balm, from

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