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alice waters' gazpacho
[image: blake royer]
tomatoes are everywhere this time of summer, and everyone knows i won’t shut up about gazpacho until they’re all gone! 2 great summer recipes from serious eats: dinner tonight: alice waters’ gazpacho and weekend cook and tell round up: squash invasion.

a great collection from this week: 5 cool melon soups for the last days of summer, recipe: lima beans with cumin-mint dressing, 5 quick and delicious lunches under 400 calories, thick and creamy: how to make greek-style yogurt. yum!

this article about the secret life of trader joes has been going around, and i’ve found it pretty fascinating! inside trader joes, full version, from fortune magazine.


municipal winemakers refill bottle
[image: municipal winemakers]
i absolutely love this idea from municipal winemakers, it’s a reusable bottle designed for taking home young table wine, enjoying & bringing back the bottle for more. i have to try this next time i’m in santa barbara!


the LA times turns it’s eye to our neighborhood this week as well, with a piece on edendale, the oldest part of the echo park / silver lake area, right at the heart of the two: LA’s edendale, alive and thriving.


an interesting look at public workspaces and the popularity of coffee shops in an increasingly solopreneurial marketplace: coffee shop office hybrids: the workplace of the future? from

i’ve heard of a few really outstanding programs designed for correctional facilities that all focus on self-expression as a means of therapy. introspective podcasts created by youth in utah jevenile corrections facility, from utne reader showcases the sending messages program in salt lake city.

breakthroughs in science! from sight to synesthesia: what happens when senses can be rewired, from explains the vOICe device and how it helps the blind to see “using aural information in their ears.”

how has the changing economy affected consumerist habits? take a look: understanding the consumer of the future, from

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