freelancer frolic with nick carranza

freelancer frolic lunch at eaton canyon
[image: nick carranza]

last week i joined in on what will hopefully be a semi-regular event for creative business owners: freelancer frolic! a dog-friendly mental health getaway net-walking hike, where creatives can take a couple hours to recharge, connect with each other and our pets, and get into the beautiful outdoors around los angeles. i actually worked over the weekend to get ahead so i could enjoy this afternoon off.

for the inaugural frolic, we explored eaton canyon in pasadena, home to a cluster of entangling trails that lead up into the angeles crest forest. we took a trail that started along a mostly-dry washout basin, creeping up into the trees, eventually to a very live creek, and finally a waterfall. i’ve been on neighboring trails, but had no idea this oasis was hidden back here, what a nice surprise.

the scenery and exercise was a great setting to get people talking, and that’s just what we did. i know about half the group pretty well, so we were able to get a little more in-depth with what’s new and how our businesses are going. it was really nice to get to know some people i don’t see as much better as well.

once we got up to the falls, we sat down for lunch, topics turned to all our interesting food experiments of late—i love how everyone is trying new things and applying creativity in the kitchen.

freelancer frolic was promoted primarily through kernspiracy [scroll down for the sign-up link] and facebook, stay tuned for the next one!

freelancer frolic in eaton canyon

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