creative inspiration

doyald young talks about and demonstrates drawing type.


[image: seb lester]
take an in-depth look at the creation of this amazing typographic limited-edition poster, and other works by seb lester. outstanding!

remember that design your own type contest by design sponge? it’s time to vote for your favorites! right now, today!

if you need a primer or reminder on how to combine type styles, check out smashing magazine’s: best practices for combining type



imprint takes a look at sign painters, a new documentary from faythe levine and sam macon on the timeless art of hand-painted signs. so much hand-lettered goodness in there!

speaking of diy projects, have you ever considered making your own wrapping paper? i often use plain brown paper anyway, but this design sponge post made me think i should dress it up a bit. diy project: handmade gift wrap.

design industry

the latest report on co-working talks about mixing things up by hitting the road: creative co-working: take it on the road!

how about a contest that breaks all the rules and awards the worst logo ever? i think this is hilarious: how low can your logo?

more on color by jude stewart: the wonderful color wheel, part 3


jeremy winery
stunning packaging for jeremy wine co. by 6 west design. not only is it dually typographic, it’s a diecut wrap label that uses the negative space to create the letterform. excellent work!

beyond design

the coming of thanksgiving heralds the onslaught of how to posts on choosing the perfect wine. you know what it comes down to? you can drink anything you want. but if you want to sort some of this out, here are a grip of posts that will lead you down myriad trails, at least there’s wine at the end of each one: sparkling wine & champagne, chardonnay, gewurztraminer, zinfandel, pinot noir, a selection of reds that go well with thanksgiving fare. also, the huffington post has an opinion. and if you’re not into wine, there’s artisanal cider.

but there are other things you can do besides drink for the holidays [you can always have an apple]. you could participate in machine project’s pop up pie shop in which you may purchase a pie kit and know you’re not only getting a complete kit for baking your thanksgiving pie—you’re also funding the los angeles food bank. why? because machine is awesome!

but look, if you insist on drinking AND fundraising for good causes, and you feel i glossed over beer, take this: harvest beer festival at the echo & echoplex this weekend, benefiting 826LA. bam!

on the more foodie end of the spectrum, i am loving this salad of fall flavors from hot knives: hot rad winter salad.

if you’ve been hitting up the farmer’s market and creating original concoctions at home, write them up and submit them to epicurious’ farm-fresh recipe contest!

and it’s not that i want to end this post on a dark, gothy note or anything, but i found this feature from los angeles magazine totally fascinating: the end. death in LA can be an odd undertaking. trust me on that one.

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