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couldn’t have said it better myself, from Yesterday, Macy’s flagship store unveiled seven new window displays on Broadway in Manhattan featuring stunning paper works by fashion design, fine arts, industrial design, and interior design students from Pratt Institute’s School of Art and Design between 34th and 35th streets. The display showcases sophisticated and beautiful paper looks that compliment Ralph Pucci’s Spring 2011 “GIRL 2″ mannequins as well as inventive paper sculptures and will be on view through January 26, 2011. The work is part of an exhibition titled “Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci” that was on view at Pucci’s Gallery Nine Showroom in December 2010.

design industry

back in june, i went to the creative freelancer conference, where we met great people, learned a ton, and put a bunch of great ideas on our to-do lists and gave them to ilise benun to mail back to us in 6 months. i just got mine in the mail last week: my creative freelancer “progress report.”

if one of your resolutions involved getting new clients, smashing magazine heard you and wrote up this early identification field guide: how to identify good clients and avoid bad ones.

there are suddenly a bunch of design contest and award deadlines rapidly approaching! print’s regional design annual submissions are due february ! how design’s promotion awards closes march 5, and their in-howse awards are due april 1, no joke. the creative review has extended their deadline to february 9, but they mean it! launching mid-february will be the brand new awards, details forthcoming.


kohlrabi with sausage and lemon
i wish i weren’t superlatively under so many deadlines this week, or i’d round up more fun food ideas for you. but HEY—this article on kohlrabi i wrote for LAist should more than cover you, precluding of course, that you promise to buy some kohlrabi. seasonal eats: say yes to kohlrabi!

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