on doing so very many things

last week i was watching an interview my friend colleen wainwright did, talking about her year-long hiatus and what she’s been doing in the interim, when got to the part where she said she did a ton of writing. in no small part, 2-3 times the amount of writing than any year previous, but people just didn’t see it. then she had animated it thusly:

do people even realize, for every good thing you see on someone’s site, [this] (small hand gesture) is what you see, and then [TTHHHIIIISSSSSS] is what they’ve done—and my arms go out to infinity!

this SO hit home for me, because i do a ton of stuff, and i try to work it into something here or there, but there are already so many things i want to share that haven’t made it into even a mention in a blog post. you have to do so much in order to get good stuff up anywhere, sometimes it’s a wonder we have time to get the good stuff up at all.

so, thanks colleen! hearing and seeing the concept illustrated was a huge relief to my constant feeling of overwhelm from all the stuff-doing i’ve been up to.

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