event calendar: creative freelancer conference

late afternoon cloud gradient
late afternoon cloud gradient

it’s the start of another week, only this one’s different. for one thing, i’m heading off to the creative freelancer conference in chicago for a few days of networking, re-engaging and connecting with a great group of people. for another, i’ve been feeling ready to change things up around here, and while i’m not sure about how and where to transition, i think it’s best to take the week, get the takeaways from the conference and come out on the other side ready to rock.

other than wrapping up tasks, i’ll be cleaning my office, which has fallen into some level of neglect, since i somehow decided that i needed to overhaul my reference archives, and couldn’t do one single other thing until that daunting task was finished. so i’m doing a big “okay, FINE!” on myself, taking the day, sorting through the archives, streamlining them and then cleaning the office. that way, it will be all refreshed for my return, ready to figure out the next steps.

in the meantime, i’m packing up the camera, favorite pens and notepads, going to soak up what i can of chicago between sessions and dive into CFC, updating daily along the way. i wrote about last year here [day 1] and here [day 2], so i’m looking forward to another year of development and discovery on the veteran designer session track. see you next week!

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