creative inspiration

Salon of Beauty from Mark & Angela Walley on Vimeo.
alissa walker also wrote about this piece for

speaking of things los angeles, there’s a walk from hollywood to the beach on november 19!

and if you’re in echo park, has a run-down of thanksgiving volunteer opportunities coming your way.

unrelatedly, did you know david lynch has a new nightclub? he does! meet the designer behind david lynch’s new nightclub [yes nightclub].


letterpress thanksgiving cards
letterpress thanksgiving cards, image:

with thanksgiving around the corner, you might want to start giving thanks to family, friends and clients. craft magazine has a nice write-up on these letterpress fill-in thanksgiving cards.


heather lin calendar
heather lin calendar, image:

looking further into the future, if you’re a calendar-o-phile, you might like this 2012 calendar preview from


savory pumpkin slice
savory pumpkin slice

for now, though, we’re talking pumpkins, as part of the seasonal eats guide and over on LAist: seasonal eats: get pumped about pumpkins. get yourself a delicious cinderella pumpkin and get to work!

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