dwell on design 2012

this past weekend, i took advantage of the designer’s pass to dwell on design to take in all the amazing products, interiors and fixtures exhibited there. i spent a lot of time in the outdoor section, looking at how far prefab housing has come. there were a few sample homes, like this one above, along some inflatable homes, beautiful airstreams and trailers like the cricket trailer and this rotating, hang-out thing, the g-pod.

with so many pretty things to look at, you can’t help but get ideas of what could be done in your own home. i mostly like my interior the way it is, but i definitely saw potential in accent pieces, like these beautiful organically-shaped lamps!

next time the show comes to town, designers take note: you can usually get a free pass by showing your credentials and filling out a quick survey. it’s a great chance to see what’s new in industrial design!

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