get in on patio season


in case you haven’t heard, i’m hosting a little something called patio season, which is an open invitation to sit & chat, network, or mutually brain-pick during either morning coffee or afternoon happy hour. take me up on it, and all this [snacks above] and more can be yours. ha.

recently, someone i’d never met before answered the call and came for a visit! she’s a lovely person, a writer, and a neighbor, ana ottman. we chatted about running our freelance practices, managing clients, how and where we might hire each other if the opportunity comes up, and life in los angeles. i’m so glad she took a chance on coming to meet a new person for a patio chat! turns out, we have a lot of friends in common and have just missed meeting somehow within the same circles, but no more—we just ran into each other at LA creative mornings last week, and she has given me the low-down on where to get earl grey pie downtown.


so, conquer your fears, people! there’s no better way to get some in-depth networking done than a one-on-one conversation over snacks & drinks. let’s hang!

here’s how it works. choose a morning coffee [10:30am] or evening happy hour [5:30pm] appointment, tuesday, wednesday or thursday. tell me when you’d like to meet and what you’d like to talk about. if it’s open, i’ll make the drinks & snacks, you come over and we chat. about design, about business, about ideas, about food stuff–whatever, up to 2 hours.

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