creative inspiration: product color palettes

this week, we’re looking at packaging that uses the product reveal to drive the color palette. these three pieces tantalize with natural flavors front-and-center!

¡cho! gazpacho


it’s high-gazpacho season here in los angeles, and these vegetable & fruit blends look deliciously refreshing, using nothing but the bright colors of natural, organic produce. see more at the dieline.

d’oro extra virgin olive oil


olive oil is already an amazing translucent green, but d’oro brings more of the spectrum of color into the picture with their mixed flavors. with infusions like tangerine, garlic, coffee and chili, they can keep their black-reversed logo reveals each unique color through the olive illustration. see more at the dieline.

milk talk


these cute shower soaps could easily be mistaken for yogurt drinks–except that they come with flavor-themed sponge tops for use in the shower. the milk theme evokes the luxury of bathing in milk, along with a texture that is smooth and creamy. see more at the dieline.

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