creative inspiration: summer’s bounty

it’s the end of summer, which means there are fresh fruits & veggies everywhere! let’s look at 3 brands making the most of the super-fresh.

ugly fruit


maybe the ultimate in upcycling, ugly fruit saves the slightly distressed from the landfill: fruit that may not make the superficial cut for market shelves, but is still nutritious and delicious enough to juice, preserve and dry. the packaging showcases cute little animated fruits, each with a black eye—aww. great brand story and nice treatment of subject matter. see more at



a student assignment to redesign thise mejeri turns out more great student work in this modern, colorful twist on classic milk bottles. the logo is strong, and the series looks delicious! see more at



beautiful branding for wellbar combining 1-color show-through packaging with bright, fresh juice, and craft paper bags and boxes for dry goods. everything is clean, tight, and clearly labeled so you can see just what you’re getting. see more at

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