creative inspiration: fruit-forward spirits

set your usual drinks aside and try out some artisan spirits. all of these are made with fresh fruits using traditional recipes.

slamsey’s fruit gins


slamsey’s is both a distillery and a farm, specializing in small production of fruit gins. the branding, showing detailed drawings of natural specimens, is a nod to naturalist john ray, who also lived in the area. the bigger story of artisan production comes through in the simplicity of this packaging. see more at

gioia luisa


student work redesigning gioia luisa limoncellos in 3 flavors, this branding is inspired by italian countryside tile and landscape. a very vibrant palate indeed! see more at

art in the age


art in the age spirits revive historical recipes, celebrating the time when liquors were considered health elixirs, a mix of botanicals and spices. the branding is straightforward yet modern, with references to science and handicraft. see more at

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