creative inspiration: artisan food shops

small, specialized food stores don’t have to skip out on big, fun identity & brand systems. these three examples use tags, stickers, string and printed wraps for multiple placements that really get their brand noticed.

the cheese shop


stamps, stickers, and printed wrappers—oh my! the cheese shop goes all out on letting onlookers know where you got your cheese! a very nice monochromatic use of type, simple design and copious touchpoints for a very complete suite. see more at

the bread house


i really like the identity system of the bread house, using a simple mark that translates directly into packaging and versatile labels that allow for fresh products to be marked and dated. see more at

real food botanica


real food botanica is a deli with the concept of whole foods to go. a simple system of sustainable packaging and stickers for the type-forward brand placement, paired with craft paper identity materials. very sharp. see more at

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