happy monday—we’re back!


okay, so it’s been awhile. i got in a rut and lost steam, had to prepare talks for 3 events in 3 weeks and started shopping for a home, and blogging fell off my to-do list. then the waffling came. the eternal waffle about how to come back. then i remembered that overthinking it would put it off indefinitely. so here i am!

first thing’s first: motor turns 19 this month! my beloved little mascot has been with me a long time, and now is our last remaining cat. it feels a little weird to be a cat lady with only one cat, but the geriatric doting she requires allows me to still bring the cat mania with aplomb.

second thing is, we’re back with a new take on blogging. the round-ups of inspiration will still happen, but there will be more about business, management and brand strategy. as much as i love talking about aesthetics, the bigger picture is the story that got us there, which bridges you to your final design. so we’ll be doing more of that.

lastly, happy monday! let’s rock!

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