Recent Work: A New Look for LA, For Descanso Gardens


There’s a lot going on over at Descanso Gardens, and we’re excited to watch the transformation! Native and drought-tolerant plants abound in their latest endeavor: a redesign of the Center Circle garden, exhibiting a beautiful low-water landscape.

There are so many good ideas here! I especially like the compact gravel surrounded by rock, transitioning to mulch and grass with broken stones. There are also some lovely color pops in flower and foliage that will eventually spread and cover much of the mulch below. I’m really in love with that paprika yarrow.


As an accompaniment to the unveiling, Descanso outlines all the steps you can take to reducing water use in your own garden: A New Look for LA, and a field guide to the plants they’re using in their own Center Circle.


Pick up a copy on your next visit, or download the brochure and field guide here.

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