LA freelancer june meetup with colleen wainwright

LA freelancer meetup colleen wainwright

this past sunday, the LA freelance meetup group organized by colleen rice featured one of my favorite people, colleen wainwright, the communicatrix who gave a talk on leveraging your “awesome” via social media. it was so full of good info that i could barely keep up taking notes, and we’re not talking your basic “sign up for facebook and twitter” 1-2-3. she talked about seeking out awesome everywhere, celebrating it, learning from it, and complimenting it when you find something worth sharing.

it was a great talk overall, with a nice mix of freelancer meetup regulars and some new additions. if you are a freelancer, sole-proprietor or small business owner, check into the LA freelance meetup, read colleen wainwright’s awesome blog and 99.99% non-sucky newsletter, and check her schedule for upcoming speaking engagements. or heck, hire her to put some awesome in your life!

the LA freelance meetup group meets the first sunday of every month at 3pm at blankspaces unless otherwise noted.

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