networking exercise: just for the fun of business

my LA area chamber breakfast had a networking exercise that focused on what we do to keep our businesses fun. i usually argue that my job is way too fun to actually need to put fun into it, but thereis a good list of unconventional work strategies my group came up with to keep ideas fresh and prevent our businesses from feeling like “jobs.”

things to do that keep the workday fun:
– find networking opportunities while traveling
– play golf with colleagues
– meet new people and get familiar with their interests & challenges
– co-strategize with clients and offer advice & solutions to each other
– brainstorm on how to make the experience of working with us fun & rewarding
– take mobile days when you can, work in inspiring environments
– partner with creative people who have new approaches to traditional problems

things we do just for fun that keep us inspired & how it impacts our businesses:
– travel, for exposure to new people, lifestyles & culture :: get out of your element
– take a day beach day, hike day, snow day or desert day when you can :: clear your head
– creative hobbies like writing, photography, gardening & drawing :: express yourself
– volunteer :: be giving to the people around you and connect more meaningfully

if you’re not getting enough fun out of your business, or you think you have to keep fun separate from work, take some of these ideas and see if you can implement them periodically. and if you have new ones, email me, i’m always looking for new ways to work that keep things interesting.

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