the pillar program, partnering business professionals with schools

i just met with the LA area chamber‘s pillar program, connecting business professionals with schools to enrich and enhance student learning. i have been paired with huntington park high school, which has a business & technical arts division, a well-stocked mac lab, and a few levels of graphic and web design classes.

as a sole-proprietor, i’m excited to put together talking points about what students can expect from an education and career in design, how to get the right experience for the job you want, how to start a design business, how to move through the industry with savvy, and answer any other questions they might have. i’m also hoping to pair them up with larger studios and print shops they can tour, job shadow, and line them up with school-approved internship opportunities. nobody ever came to my high school to talk about graphic design [and if they had, i’d have been in french class and missed the talk entirely], so if kids are actually interested enough to take 3 levels of design before college, i’m happy to help empower them to follow it through to a healthy, happy career.

if you’re in LA and you’re not a member of the LA chamber but still want to participate, note that the pillar program is not limited to chamber members. there are all kinds of opportunities to get involved and help educate, mentor or provide internships for students. contact pillar directly to participate!

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