beyond design

rsvp to view an advance screening of DIRT! [thanks].


[photo: gregory han]
how to clean and deodorize with tea from <a href="

green your dental hygene from i’m always looking for workarounds, and dental implements are one of the harder things to do yourself.


if you’re in california and have lemons [or eating seasonally and want to keep them through to the next season] here’s a great way to put them up: how to make preserved lemons from

i’m doing a lot of cookbook cooking this week, so copyright prevents me from sharing those recipies, but i did pull out this old favorite from a few years ago fish with curried cucumber & tomato salad from


make your own citrus bitters from i make a lot of extracts and infused vodkas, so i think this bitters prep will be a nice addition to my pantry & eventually my cocktails!

i bought blood oranges this week specifically to make this! spicy blood orange jalapeño margaritas from

dale cruse continues his get to know a grape series this week with blanc du bois.

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