creative inspiration


this display face sans merci by SMeltery reminds me of so many vacations, postcards, cafe signs and posters i’d see along my travels. i think this typeface does a great job of recalling the flavor of many european visual type styles.

want a font created from your handwriting? fontifier will provide you with the tools to create one with simple instructions and costs just $9 per font.

design industry

the earth glass project is turning glass bottles and containers into upcycled jewelry. some of these pieces are quite exquisite, and as a wine lover, i think it would be really cool to have one of these rings [each one is a different size].

box bottle bag is a new book by andrew gibbs inspired as a best-of collection from his blog the dieline where he collects samples of all types packaging design. if you’re into packaging design, or you have a product that needs packaging design, this book & blog are a great survey of packaging material everywhere!


the 50 best color sites for designers from print magazine is a great list of everything from color palette software, usafe matches for readability, and help with color theory.


as creatives, we have to keep a steady stream of tricks and workarounds to keep things feeling fresh so we can prevent burnout. 5 ways to regain your creative joy from outlines some simple practices you can implement so creative flow isn’t such a struggle.

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