beyond design


watch the LA marathon in time-lapse photography from a point on the route in silver lake, edited down to one minute!

obscura day: preservation by exhibition. alyssa walker participates in atlas obscura‘s obscura day expedition to explore california city, an unfinished urban plan that sits in the mojave desert.


[photo: yummy supper]

if you have access to a field of dandelions and haven’t figured out how to use them, this dandelion jelly recipe from yummy supper looks like a really special treat. i don’t usually make sugar-based preserves, but perhaps there’s some way to use this recipe as a base for a dandelion sauce or bread or addition to a refreshing drink?

passover is around the corner, and i found this south of the border seder article really interesting. maybe an exciting new twist for your passover dinner?


[photo: mary gorman]

how do you like to learn about wine from everyone has their own method for how they research an interest. personally i like to jump right into the action, visit wineries, talk to people, ask questions, write notes, quiz myself while tasting, run information from one source by another and get their take on it, and of course taste whatever i can. i think the best advice i’ve heard is taste as much as you can and drink what you like, and i follow it.

continue getting to know your grapes with bonarda and bourboulenc from

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