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[photo: department of graphic sciences]

my friends over at department of graphic sciences were featured in under consideration’s for print only blog for their outstanding packaging for original beans chocolate. they even utilized the long-coveted custom paper services over at french paper. truly lovely work!

another colleague of mine, velvette de laney of dew drop studios wrote a great piece for jeni herberger‘s blog: no designer is an island. and it’s true! when we work on our own we realize how much we need our network and support system. great piece, velvette!

who’s going to CFC this year? if you’re going to the creative freelancer conference and you’re on linkedin, come on over and join the discussion. let’s get to know each other a bit before the conference! or comment here!


[image: jenny wang]

awhile back, good put out a call for submissions to design an infographic about a neighborhood, putting out a few parameters to follow. they’re reporting back on some of the submissions and they’re really cool to look at & analyze. check them out!

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