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[photo: greenpeace]
after much pressure from greenpeace, trader joes has adopted sustainable seafood policies. this is great news considering how widespread trader joes is and the fact that it’s a go-to for so many people. i caught this story from and

with the change of the seasons has come new & exciting things to eat for those of us on a seasonal diet. this fennel, beet and orange salad from emily ho at are flavors that go together so well because they’re ripe at the same time. these savory allium recipes from faith durand [also at] are a delicious showcase of tasty ways to use leeks, shallots and onions.


get to know what the reserve label means with reserva, riserva, reserve wine: what do these terms on a wine label mean by mary gorman for

in the same vein of diy wine education, become your own wine expert by merideth sumner for is a good primer for everyone out there who thinks learning about wine requires some kind of class or expert. jump in & enjoy!

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