creative inspiration

Augustine Kofie:Echo Park Triangulation:Time Lapse from Augustine Kofie on Vimeo.

design industry

[photo: isaac arthur]
designer isaac arthur brewed his own honey apple mead and designed this lovely label. from

going to the creative freelancer conference this year? i am, and i’m doing whatever i can to make the most of it in advance! this rundown of product releases will help you shop around at the conference, from the <a href="how magazine blog.

ever need a reliable list of universally recognized symbols and signs? the aiga has one for you! from A first set of 34 symbols was published in 1974, and received one of the first Presidential Design Awards; 16 more symbols were added in 1979. These copyright-free symbols have become the standard for off-the-shelf symbols in the catalogues of U.S. sign companies. They are now available on the web for the first time.


did you know that hoefler & frere-jones offers suggestions for type combinations? they do! say you want to use their super-cute slab serif archer in a layout, just hit up the page, scroll to the bottom, and see the h&fj suggests section for suggested font pairings with graphic samples. brilliant!

solar beat bonus!

this lovely infographic music box is in a category of its own. solarbeat is a planetary simulation set to music i found on i’ve been letting it drone away all morning [about 5 plutonian years], it’s very comforting.

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    1. thank you, heidi, your blog is really cool too! i found recently, they are full of great graphics.


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