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[photo: gregory han]
this weekend was off the charts with tweets and posts about everyone trying out their new ipads. i don’t have one and i’m probably not getting one anytime soon, but i thought i’d shout out to my friends gregory han and emily ho over at who “>reviewed the epicurious app for the ipad for and it sounds like a winner! i also use my laptop in the kitchen and i love the epicurious site, so i’m glad they’re adapting to new technology.

for my music clients, i thought i’d point to this quick review of forscore for the ipad on


[photo: lisa hubbard]
with spring foods coming into season, i’ve been trying some different cauliflower recipes out. one on the list to try this week are these cauliflower steaks with cauliflower puree, which are a whole new way to prepare cauliflower, for me anyway. i think this cross-section cut is gorgeous!


while browsing the wine articles at i found this cute profile of top 5 critter wines, meaning that they all have animals featured on the label. a funny idea on first look, but this is a fun look at 5 affordable table wines that all have pretty nice labels too [the little penguin is my favorite] along with suggested food pairings for each. i love a one-stop resource like this, especially when trying new wine is involved!

if you’re not into making cork boards or trivets or stamps or birdhouses with your old wine corks, whole foods is now recycling wine corks. for those of you who want to recycle, collect them & drop them off!


i thought i’d add this in, since so many of us have thought about work in various ways from different perspectives, here’s dan pink’s 6 favorite books about work. i have to admit, he had me at studs terkel, i can’t wait to read that one!

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